Calligraphy Teaching Course

Several of our students told us in the recent past that Calligraphy India should start a Teacher Training Course for those who want to establish their own training institutes of Calligraphy. Thus a process of wide-ranging consultation started. To our great surprise there was an overwhelming opinion suggesting that CALLIGRAPHY INDIA should plunge into a new venture which has remained unexplored so far in a systematic manner. The positive response has encouraged us to embark upon the initiation of a regular Teacher Training Course which will offer several benefits to those who undergo this training. Professionally Competent persons would become available to impart training in Calligraphy to all those who may be anxious to be skilful in this art. Not only will they gain in setting up their own training institutes but would also remain busy earning other economic benefits by involving themselves in various types of jobs connected with calligraphy.

CALLIGRAPHY INDIA, therefore, cordially invites interested persons to join our Teacher Training Course in order to reap benefits to improve their financial condition.

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